Apple Car: What’s so unique about the rumored apple car

Apple car: Now even Apple can’t hide its secret Apple car

Apple is the company which always amazes us by its mindblowing products and eye-catching technologies. All these products make an effortless ecosystem which is the best in the world. Nowadays the rumours of a new Apple product has drawn our attention. It will be completely different from all the products of Apple. Here we are talking about Apple car.

Why a car?

From the starting of the automobile industry, we always talk about future cars. Although there are enough inventions but still the future of flying cars, the future of electric cars etc is the most curious and fascinating topics for us. So everyone’s eyes are on most awaiting Apple car.

Tesla is such a company that add wings to our imaginations. Now another tech giant Apple is planning to enter the industry. They give this project a name ”Project TITAN”.

Apple Car: How this project was started?

Rumours of apple car

In order to provide a futuristic car to the customers, Apple comes up with this idea. And 2014 was the year when Apple started working on this project with upwards of 1,000 employees working on it. According to rumours the company planning to launch the car in 2024. In 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that they are working on AI technology for cars.

 What we can expect?

If everything will go as per the plan then we will see the Apple car as the greatest invention in this decade. Also, We can expect tremendous technology, iOS synchronisation, premium quality, high pricing and full of the lightning ports.

iOS Synchronisation with Apple car

Apple never compromised with its quality and technology. With its technology and iOS synchronisation, Apple car will undoubtedly blow our minds. Also, the pricing will be high as always. So with the premium quality, we can expect high pricing.

What’s left is the exterior look. Apple is the company who always work on its premium look and finishing. So Apple car will surely stun us with its elegant look and Apple white finish.

Why’s the project is so late?

But the big highlight of Apple car is its battery technology. They give this a name i.e. “next level battery technology”. And working on a mono-body battery design to save some extra space and weight.

Apple iCAR concept design

This electric car might be the smartest in the world. So a kind of cold war is already started between Apple and Tesla. That means this competition is the win-win situation for tech enthusiasts. Well, That’s indeed good news.

By all this news and rumours we can expect a great invention in the industry. And, We can assume an iPhone like revolution after This launch in the automobile industry.

By the way, can you guess the name of this car? Comment me below. See ya!

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