Auto expo 2020: Throwback to the one and only Auto expo in 2020


Beijing Auto expo 2020: Take a look back to the only auto expo in 2020


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After the delay of approx half a year, China organized its major auto expo in October, held in Beijing. It is the one and only exhibition since COVID 19. Even after the world economy was in its one of the worst stage, manufacturers think that china can be their goldmine. Because china’s auto industry is worth 1.3 trillion dollars and it employs more than 33 million people worldwide. And China is their only international arena to show off their vehicles in this pandemic situation.

Expo Amid pandemic

There are a total of 785 vehicles are on display of which 82 made a public debut. With 36 concepts car and 160 new energy vehicles, the world witnessed the power of electric cars using AI and internet technology during this auto expo. Also, Battery-powered, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were in the spotlight On the show.

So let’s have a look at this one by one


Hyundai RM20e

South Korea’s automobile giant Hyundai showed its electric racing car prototype RM20e. It is the new car from it’s RM(Racing Midship) lineup, launched in 2012 for manufacturing electric sports car. Equipped with 810 HP motor, it generates 960Nm torque and expected to reach 0-200 Kph in 9.88 secs.



Porsche car in expo

Germany’s luxury manufacturer Porsche also had a prominent presence at the event. As the company demonstrated its Porsche 718 Cayman(launched in 2019) followed by electric vehicles Cayenne E-hybrid coupe and Panamera Turbo S.

Porsche virtual presence

But Porsche has drawn everyone’s attention with its virtual world of cars, where anyone can click any of the cars from the display and take a close tour of them.


KIA Carnival

Kia carnival

Hyundai’s sister company KIA also showed its KIA carnival. The main feature of Carnival is it’s versatile seating combinations(7-seater to 9-seater).



Tesla in auto car show

American electric vehicle company Tesla showed Model S, Model X and Model 3. These are the clean energy cars as Tesla is known for. Tesla Model 3 already became the best-selling electric vehicle in China, selling 70,951 units. It is approx 3 times greater than its closest competitor BYD Qin Pro EV. China’s EV startup-like Li auto, WM motors, NIO and Xpeng have together raised more than 8 billion dollars since Tesla showed some interest in them.


Alibaba XPeng


An Alibaba-backed electric vehicle XPeng is a startup based in China that is developing a series of electric flying vehicles. XPeng unveiled its prototype at the Auto Show. According to the specifications of a prototype displayed, this new flying vehicle can carry two passengers and levitate at up to 25 meters. But perhaps this project has no future. Because according to The Economic Times, Alibaba’s co-founder Jack Ma is missing from October when the expo held.



The Germany based famous brand BMW made its presence with the stunning models. With the turquoise M3 and lemon green M4, BMW attracts everyone out there.



Mercedes in auto expo

Mercedes launched its new SUV G350 packed with 2925cc diesel engine. This German company was discussed a lot in the market a few days ago for its recently launched future car Vision AVTR.


Great wall motors GWM

Great wall motors

China’s largest SUV and pickup manufacturer company Great wall showcased its SUV GWM HAVAL F7 along with its brand new off-road SUV GWM Wey Tank 300.




Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company FAW showed its concept car Hongqi S9. This 1400HP hybrid car was first presented at Frankfurt  Motor Show 2019.


Well, the list is not ended yet. Because there are many more vehicles launched in this auto show like MG Linghang, MG HS, Ford TAURUS, ASTON MARTIN DBX, Audi Q5 and RS, ISUZU D-max, Volkswagen TACQUA, Chery Tiggo 8 plus etc.

This 10-day mega exhibition was the world’s only major car show in 2020. It was a hope for the automobile industry as well as world economy and manufacturers looked confident for this.

Well, that was the last auto expo of the decade. Let’s see how world Automobile industry will perform in this new decade.

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