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        Leave application for office

Leave application in office: Employees are required to write a leave application for the office when they want to take leave from the workplace for a particular period of time due to some personal and other reason.

This way of requesting leave from office for a particular period of time due to personal reasons is called leave application.The main motive of providing a leave application in office is that the boss should know the reason for the leave and that it don’t create any difficulty to the fellow members of the office,so providing a leave application in office  is necessary before taking a leave.
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The office rules should be followed by the employees while writing leave application for office and the reason given in the leave application in office should be reasonable or there are very less chances of getting a leave from office.The most important thing is that the employees should mention the number of days they’ll take leave form office in the leave application for office.

Second most important thing is that the leave application to office should be simplified,short and written in understandable form otherwise it increases the chance that leave application to office will be rejected. The format for leave application to office is given below.

Leave application for office for personal reasons.

An employee requires a personal leaves application for office when he wants to take a leave from the office due to some personal reasons. There can be a number of personal reasons why an employee want to take a leave from office and require a leave application for office for personal reasons . These personal reasons can be:
  • Marriage in the family
  • Family disputes
  • Health conditions of family members
  • Personal health issues

Family functions and many more…

Some personal reasons come out of the blue like sudden illness of family members,parents, children of the employees etc.
These personal reasons can be unavoidable and these are the times when an employee requires leave application for office for personal reasons  the most.

Tips for writing leave application for office for personal reasons:

  • The most important is that the leave application to office must be formal.
  • The leave application in office should not have any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.
  • The leave application for office for personal reasons must have an special emphasis on describing the situation.
  • The leave application should also have a special emphasis on conveying the boss that how the personal reason is unavoidable and the approval for leave is very important for the employee.
  • The leave application in office should be simplified and written in words which can be understandable easily.
  • The letter should also specify the duration of leave required by the employee.
And after writing the leave application for office the employee should recheck it if there are any grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

Leave application  office format:

The leave application office format is given below,to write leave application for office for personal reasons or other reason you must follow this leave application office format given below.
  • SALUTATION: the name of the reciptant must be written in leave application to office.
  • SUBJECT:  the type of leave the employee is going to take should be written in the leave application.
  • REASON FOR THE LEAVE :  the reason which can be either personal or professional, it can vary from maternity leave or leave for taking off from office stress. As mentioned in the tips above in this article the reason for taking leave should be explained briefly in the leave application for office for personal reasons and a special emphasis should be given in explaining how the reason is unavailable.
  • THE NUMBER OF DAYS OF TAKING LEAVE: the number of days should be mentioned in the application for office.ie. from this date to that date.example from 21/2/2020 to 26/2/2020. 
  • WORK PLAN DURING THE LEAVE : employees are also required to write notes they are going to do for fulfilling their absence. The employee may also be available in workplace in case of any emergency in the workplace during their leave. 
  • Contact information: the employee is required to provide his correct contact information so that the people from his/her workplace can contact him/her during an emergency.
  • SIGNATURE: employee’s signature is required at the end of the application for office.

Sample leave application for office

The manager
Sansperils Greenlands,New York
Subject- Leave application for personal reason
Respected sir,
I am Travis,working as executive client service officer.As you know I am from London and recently shifted to New York for this job.I want to go to London as my parents are not well and calling me to meet. So please approve paid leave of one week from 4th May to 8th May.My parents are calling me again and again and it’s really difficult to refuse them.Therefore,my collague will perform all my tasks during my absence. Thanking you
Travis Head

Sample 2 –

The director
Red Mills industry,Brooklyn

Subject- application for sick leave 

Respected sir,
With reference to the above subject I want to bring it to your kind attention that I am seriously ill. I’m suffering from jaundice and this is a dreadful disease and takes time to recover. Due to this I am not able to come to office for a week. I kindly request you to grant me a sick leave for one week  with effect from September 3rd 2019.

I shall be obliged for your approval


Radamel Augestien
HR Manager.

Sample 3-

The managing director,
Zalatan industries,

Subject- . Leave from office for one day

Respected sir,
Most humbly,it is requested that I have to do some chores at home, due to which I won’t be able to come to office tomorrow on 3rd Augst. I’ve completed all my tasks due for tomorrow, and have guided my assistant to  deliver reports where required. Kindly grant me leave for one day.
Thanking you in anticipation

Yours sincerely
Alexander Dyzuba
Sales manager.

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