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Book shelves: Bookshelves at great prices

Hey readers! Welcome to the page. Today we aren’t gonna discuss books, but Book Shelves! So, you’re a bookworm, and you love your books, so care about em’, give em’ a nice and cozy place (I know I’m personifying books, and if you feel weird about it, then sorry friend, you aren’t true bookworm!). If you don’t have a bookshelf, you probably need one. So, we’re gonna show you the best and affordable Book Shelves and you’re surely going to love them!

Bless your bookshelves with these great books-

Best Books: The Alternative List

Best Novels: Top 10 novels

Paradox Studio Book Shelf

Rs. 1,199/-


This one’s great if you want a small and compact book shelf, and it’s affordable too.

Flipkart Perfect Homes Studio Metal Open Book Shelf

Book Shelves

Rs. 949/-

Wall Mounted Invisible Metal Bookshelves


Set of 3 for Rs.549/-

Furione 9 Layer Book Shelf

Rs. 1,369/-

Bluewud Walten Engineered Wood Open Book Shelf 

Rs. 2,149/-

Captiver Donald Wooden Wall Mounted Book Shelf




HomEnrich Engineered Wood Open Book Shelf


Forzza Simone Engineered Wood Open Book Shelf  


FurnCentral Metal Open Book Shelf

Book Shelves



Bluewud Engineered Wood Semi-Open Book Shelf

Book Shelves



So, here we conclude the list of best and probably most affordable Book Shelves. So, make sure you bless yourself with one of them, and if not for yourself, you can still gift em’ to your bookworm friend. I mean, what’s better than gifting a book? A BOOKSHELF!


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