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Car News (June): Auto News, Upcoming cars, Review

tesla model s launch

Car News (June): We are here for another month as well as another segment. Where the automobile enthusiast finds all the information of our automobile industry. Today in this segment, we will acquire some news also from international markets. Although, the industry faces an economical crisis it doesn’t mean that we have no news this month. So let’s start.


Musk on Thursday introduced the quickest car in the world


tesla model s


“There is something that’s quite important to the future of sustainable energy, which is that we’ve got to show that an electric car is the best car, hands down,” this is what Elon Musk said before launching Tesla’s quickest car. “With the Plaid Model S, what you have is a car that is quicker than any sports car, faster than any Porsche, safer than any Volvo, in the same car…It really feels like you’re driving in the future,” he said. The name of this car is Tesla Model S Plaid. The car is capable of moving from zero to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds. The range of the car is 390 miles with more than 1000 horsepower. And the top speed of the car is 200mph. Tesla has already a great impact on the automobile industry and still, they are working to do more.


“Indian market has to hustle more to get ready for electric cars”-Skoda India MD


skoda india
samachaar jagat


Gurpratap Boparai, The MD of Skoda India said that the Indian market is not yet ready for electric cars. He also said that the battery prices have come down but still, they can’t compete with internal combustion engines. But he has to understand that we have a good lineup of budget electric vehicles. And they are able to compete with other imported cars. The only thing which we have to work on more is the charging infrastructure.  So let us wait for some good news and revolution in the Indian Automobile market for good infrastructure.


Mahindra will invest 3000cr INR in electric vehicles



Mahindra CEO Anish Shah said that they are planning to make a huge investment in electric vehicles in the newer term. They are also planning to launch the electric version of all their SUVs. By 2030, they planned to overtake fuel-powered vehicles.


By FY22, Tata will launch CNG-powered cars in the Indian market: Tata Motors


cng cars
autocar India


Tata motors focus on CNG-powered cars for a pollution-free future. I already focused on Why electric vehicles are not the completely sustainable model in my previous article. And because of that, we have to focus on other options available. Currently, Tata Motors gives customers the option to get the CNG kit fitted. And that will give the factory fitted CNG kit by the financial year 2022.


CarTrade files for an INR 2000cr IPO


car news (june)

Car classifieds platform CarTrade planning to enter in stock exchange this year. They already file a huge IPO of 2000cr. IPO will launch soon.


So this is it in this segment of Car News (June). We will meet next month for the news about our favourite automobile industry. If you didn’t read news from the previous month yet. Then go to the articles below. Good day.

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