Car Repair: 5 DIY Car Maintenance jobs to save money

car repair

According to the urban guide, there are approx. 1.4 billion cars running on the road. We can’t even imagine how much this figure will increase in the next 10 years. And nowadays cars are so expensive due to some recent reasons like a pandemic, chip shortage etc. Car maintenance is also expensive these days just like the cost of the car. So we can say that with this cost, there is a hidden cost attached which is the cost of car repair.

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But do you know, some of the tasks in car repairs are so easy that you can do them by yourself. These car maintenance tasks are easy and save money. And if you are a person for whom time is money then you have to take a look into these car maintenance tasks. Because I don’t think it is a good deal to go to a repair shop and waiting till repair, reading old magazines and newspaper. So Here we will understand how to do these jobs perfectly. But before starting this I am assuming that you all are experienced drivers and know some of the common terms related to the car.


Car Repair task # 1: OIL CHANGE


oil change

In an automotive vehicle, the most important task is to change the oil. However, it is so easy task for a bike. But the thing we ignore is it is easy for a car too. Firstly, we have to understand that why changing oil is important in a vehicle. Changing oil regularly has multiple benefits. It keeps the engine clean, furnishes longer engine life, improved mileage etc. To understand the whole oil change process, just click our previous article on How to change the engine oil of any car? Here you will get the link to buy good quality oil and tools.




car battery

Car battery replacement is another important but easy task though. The basic function of a battery in the car is to give a start to the engine by starting the motor. Also, during this time it gives electricity to the ignition system.

The car battery is a big power reserve to do all the essential works for the car. And it can last from 3-6 years (depend on driving habits and some other factors). Leakage of battery fluid, if the battery looks bloated, slow engine response when starting are the typical signs which indicate that the battery is replaceable. Also, a low battery sign in the speedometer console indicates the replacement.

So first you have to do is go to an authorized store and buy the same battery for your car. Which battery is great? is not a question these days. So go to any authorized dealer and also discuss on-road assistance for any problem with the battery. Then open the bonnet and identify the positive and negative in the battery. Usually, the positive terminal is red while the negative one is black. Unhook the terminals. Always remove the negative terminal first. Because if you remove the positive terminal first, it will cause short-circuiting when coming in contact with the grounded part of the car. Keep the positive and negative terminals in mind. After unhooking, pull out the battery safely. The weight of the battery is more than 15 kg so be careful. Then place the new battery and this time fit the positive terminal first. Apply the battery grease and your car is ready.




spark plug old/new

Do you remember how old people used to clean spark plugs of their bikes? I always wonder that the basic, as well as an important thing to repair a bike, is to clean its spark plug. Well, that is not true but I can say that changing the spark plug of a car is also an easy task.
Firstly, Locate the spark plug. When you look over your car’s engine, you will see the number of wires connected to the engine compartment. Those all are the spark plug. It can be 4 to 8 in numbers depending on the engine type. Usually, they are 4.

spark plug
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So let the engine cool because just after a drive, the whole engine compartment, as well as the plugs, are too hot to touch. Now open the wire of the plug by normally pulling it. Then use a socket drive wrench(surely available in your toolbox) to loosen the plug. Similarly, do this with all plugs. Now choose a good type of spark plugs. Iridium or Platinum tipped spark plugs are more durable than conventional spark plugs. Replace the new spark plug by tightening it on the threads hose. You can use grease on the thread for good lubrication.


Car Repair task # 4: TIRE CHANGING


car tire changing

This is the most important DIY task that can save your precious time as well as so much money. Just imagine you are in an outer area where there is no garage and your car’s tire is flattened. 70-80% of car owners face this situation. So if you don’t want to stick in this type of mess then learn this car repair trick.

Park your car on a flat surface and pull the hand brake. Lift the car from the jack. But remember you have to only lift the car till the support shift from the tire to the jack itself. Now open the cap and lose the nuts. Now crank the jack and lift the car to remove the tire. Open the nuts and remove the tire. Now take out the Stepney tire from the car. And place it. Now here is a thing you have to notice that you have to tighten the nuts longwise and also don’t tighten only one nut completely. Do it alternatively. Now your task is completed.





When we talk about changing the windshield wiper, we actually talking about changing the rubber only. Yes, that is only the thing that can be worn and replaceable.

So, first of all, you need to buy wiper blades. Remember, the size of the blade is important and also both wiper blades are not of the same size as well. Raise the windshield wiper arm away from the glass. Hold it carefully, it can bounce back and can damage your windshield. Now grab the joint and try to pull the rubber side. You can see a hook mechanism in it. Unhook the blade. Do this similarity with another one. Know rehook the new blades in it. Your car is ready to go.




So these are all the simplest but important car repair task that can be done on your own. These car maintenance tips are money-saving as well as time-saving. And you know that these things are how much important in our daily lives.

In this busy world, we are pushing ourselves not to be dependent on such things. Due to COVID, it’s a demand of the time. Also, it is necessary not to be dependent on anyone for any task. These things are developed as a prominent habit in western countries. And now we are also adopting such things.

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