Future of bikes: India’s first e-conversion kit for bikes

future of bikes

The future of bikes is always a big question for us. Because of the price hike of traditional fuel and of course the pollution intensity. And for a populated country like India, this problem is even bigger. To overcome this issue we have to move to the e-automobile world. I already discussed too much about electric cars and also e-bike companies in India in my previous article.

But as an engineer, I always tried to make an e-conversion setup for petrol bikes. But I faced some problems with that i.e. the battery with good output, weight distribution, maximum efficiency. Although, it is simple to manage and many more like me made this type of converted bike. But they are just like toys because to make it commercial you have to get approval from the R.T.O. of India. After passing all the tests. Well, a Maharsthra’s company made it and become the first company to make an RTO approved conversion kit for bikes.


future of bikes

The company named GoGoA1 was established in 2011. Started as the electric vehicle component manufacturer and supply chain, the company worked hard and grew within 10 years. They have a huge portfolio in the electric automobile field. Also, the working experience with the top tech companies of China and S. Korea. So without any further delay let us understand about this RTO approved kit.



future of bikes

According to the information available on the website, this kit is a 17-inch 2000W Motor kit. The kit includes a motor, regenerative system, accelerator, drum brake, wiring harness, key switch, DC to DC converter etc. It will cost 35,000 Rs (+GST). The company claimed that it will give a range of 150 KM in a single charge and the carrying capacity of 100-300Kg. Currently, it is available for Splendor. While the company is working to get this available for other bikes soon. The chairman of the company Mr Shrikant Shinde said that they will give 3 years of service for the kit.

conversion kit

What are the benefits?


e bike


Let understand the benefits we are getting with the kit.

  • The first aspect which is so much relatable to the Indian customers is price. The price of the kit is said to be 35k. Which is obviously so competitive. And with the subsidy add-on, it will become even more attractive.
  • You don’t have to buy a new bike. Just go with your old one and they will replace the engine with this kit.
  • As the heavy IC engine is replaced, the weight will be lower than before. Because the electric kit comes with only one bulky and major piece of equipment i.e. Battery.
  • Talking about the battery, then the company provide battery swapping and battery charging stations nearby.
  • Although the kit is available only for the Splendor bike model, sooner they will provide a universal kit for any bike. Also, the battery swapping and charging stations.
  • The kit comes with a three-year service warranty which is again a good looking deal.
  • As it is a kit which is attached to an old bike, we don’t have to worry about the parts. Because this will be repaired anywhere and the parts will also be available as well.

What will be the Challenges?

Talking about the drawbacks of the kit, I will not count this as the cons. Because I don’t know much more about the kit and also this is starting and GoGoA1 has to improve with this revolutionary initiative. So I will give this segment a term- Challenges. So let us understand the challenges company has to face to attain the title of future of bikes.


future of bikes


I didn’t saw the battery listed on the price list shown above. So maybe you have to buy the battery separately and as I said it is the major equipment of any electric automobile. And by understanding the output of the kit, I am sure that it will be around 40-50k. If it is true then this is not good news for the company. After paying all together (Bike+35k+GST+40k for battery), it will be no more a good deal. A Revolt RV400 is a better option than this. If anyhow they will overcome the price problem then they have to provide an RTO approved kit for every kind of bike soon. Otherwise, they will not able to capture the market. Because the future of bikes also means the new electric bikes, hope you understand.

So it’s time to wrap up the discussion. I am happy about these types of initiatives for the sake of the earth. And waiting for the monopsony on this field too because the monopoly is not the policy that achieves the goal. All the best to GoGoA1 and the team.

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