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Future of car industry in India after launching of Tesla cars

future of cars

Understanding the future of car industry in India is now predictable. The tech giant Tesla announced its debut in the Indian market. It is an eye-catching decision of Elon Musk. Tesla is the world’s most famous tech company. In the field of automobile, they really work hard and gave some of the best features so far. And their Indian debut opens the doors of innovation as well as competition. This will change the whole industry. And today we will discuss what are the changes we will see in the future automobile industry of India.

tesla debut in india

So here we will discuss the future of car after Tesla enters the market.


#1 Technical headway


future of car

Indian engineers are famous all over the world even from ancient times. They work hard to solve technical problems. We are working on electric cars for decades ago. And achieve a good result in the field. After the Tesla launch, manufacturers got the powerful rival. Also got some examples and some problems to work on. It will give some ideas too. And for the Indian consumers, the very important aspect of the competition is to improve the range of EV cars. Well we have an Indian company which can directly compete to Tesla i.e. PRAVAIG. Overall it is a win-win situation for the Indian car industry.


#2 Aggressive prices


car price

Tesla’s Model 3 is the best-selling car of the company. It is fully packed with amazing features. But the most amazing feature of the car is its price. Although it is not that low for the Indian market, the features company gives are best in class. And this is an aggressive price for an electric car with attractive features.

These things are good for the market. Of course, the prices of Indian electric cars will be lower than Tesla. But when we talk about imported electric cars, they too have to tag an aggressive price. Otherwise, they will fail to compete in India. And when Tesla will start manufacturing in India, the competition will become more interesting.


#3 Economical Growth in the Automobile industry

economical growth

Well, this will happen when Tesla will settle its manufacturing unit in India. Establishing factories of international companies make a positive effect on the GDP of the country. And GDP is an important growth indicator, which indicates the performance of the country. So we can understand that this will improve the percentage participation of the automobile sector in GDP. This will flourish the future of car industry in India.


#4 Open the doors for other international EV companies

future of car in india

The response of Indians after the announcement of Tesla debut was great. People googled many of the things related to Tesla. Although it was famous before but after the announcement people amazingly fascinated by the company and Elon Musk. This response catches the eye of the top electric car companies other than Tesla. They already know that India is one of the biggest markets for everything. And surely they will move towards the Indian market sooner or later.


car competition

According to the above points, Tesla will surely create a war-like competition in future. And I always said that these types of competitions are always a win-win situation for consumers. So as an Indian I am ready for this. Are you?

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