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Motor Cars: How to improve range of electric motor cars?

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In the world of automobile, electric motor cars are the trending topic these days. And that is the reason I discussed it a lot. Whether it is the cheapest electric cars in Indiaupcoming luxury electric cars in Indiatop electric car companies other than Tesla or India’s own Tesla-like car (You can go to these articles by just clicking it). These are the electrifying topic to discuss. But as an Indian, we always think about the economy of the car first. Since cars are available in our country, we focus on mileage improvement. And give our eyes to the company who featured their car as the best mileage car.


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The mileage of an electric motor car is termed as the range. That means how long a car goes in the given percentage of battery. As electric cars are in their initial period, we have to compromise while driving (as compared to petrol car). And today we will understand the methods by which we can improve the range of any electric car. Some of the methods are so simple to understand while some of the methods I make understanding for you all. Let’s electric start it.


Go Slow


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The very first thing is to drive slow. I didn’t mean that you have to drive very slow. Lower than 70-80 Kph is enough. To maintain the fuel economy in a petrol car we have to understand the throttling of that engine. We drive moderately, neither too slow nor too fast. So that we can use a maximum of the fuel while driving. But for an electric car that is not the case. You can drive slow because the battery drain is dependent on the acceleration.

Just understand that if you reduce your speed by 15 Kph, you will save approx 15% of energy. So accelerate when needed. Otherwise, be moderate.


Drive Smoothly


motor cars drive smoothly

A smooth drive is a demand for the fuel economy of any kind of vehicles. It is essential for the good life of your engine as well as the vehicle’s fuel economy. Uneven acceleration forces the battery to drain more quickly.

Well, this is not rocket science. Just take an example of your smartphone. In which condition, the battery of your phone drain fast? Continuous surfing for an hour or watching Netflix for the same time? The answer is surfing. Likewise, if you accelerate unevenly, it will affect the range of EV motor cars.


Reduce the use of Air Conditioner


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The use of air conditioner is dependent on the climate. Still, I advise you to use less AC while driving. We already know that air conditioners use too much electricity. And when it comes to EV motor cars, we have to manage the economy. Which is dependent on electricity not on gasoline. But again it is dependent on the climate. So what to do.

Some tips will solve your AC problem. You can chill up your car’s cabin while charging. Then you can use only the fan when driving. You can down your window if the climate is good to go. But if AC is needed then use less of it or you can use it in the 5-15 method. That means you can on it for 5 minutes and then stop for 15 minutes. Sounds funny but it will work.


Don’t use the heater when driving


climate control

Same as AC, the heater uses too much of your car’s battery. But again you can use climate control when your vehicle is charging. This will moderate the temperature of your car cabin. In India, the use of a heater is not that much important.


Reduce extra luggage


car luggage

In any kind of vehicle, the fuel economy is directly dependent on the load it carries. More luggage means more fuel consumption. Similarly, in EV motor cars we should try to put the luggage as little as possible. Studies show that if we reduce luggage by 50 Kg, it will reduce the energy consumption by approx 1-2%. On paper, it doesn’t look like a big change. But on roads, this can also help to improve the range.


Pre-plan for the shortest and easiest route


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Usually, we didn’t think about the shortest routes. But we have to understand that it is a huge mistake we do always. Nowadays we have real-time maps like Google maps, high traffic indicators etc features to know about the easiest routes and traffic density. In modern motor cars, this feature is easily available in the infotainment system. So use the technology for the sake of your money.


Don’t overcharge


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We know that overcharging any kind of battery means dissolving the battery life. EV motor cars are like our smartphone. If we don’t take care of charging time then we are surely going to lose the life of its battery. And this will impact the range of the car.


motor cars battrey

The range claimed by the manufacturer is in the ideal conditions. And of course, we can’t attain that figure in real conditions. But applying these tips can improve your car’s range. And help you to attain the maximum of the range claimed by the company.

This is it for the day. Don’t forget to read our other articles on cars and car technologies.

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