Oil change DIY: How to change the engine oil of any car?

Hello readers! Today we will learn how to change the engine oil of the car. Most of us think that oil change is a herculean task. And because of that we often go to the mechanic and ask him to do this. We pay him some money and it costs our time too. Is it a good investment? Obviously NO. So to save money we will let you all, on the trip to this basic thing of car maintenance.


oil change

Let me explain to you the whole process of the oil change step by step.

So firstly there are some tools we need for this very easy but essential task:

  • Star/Torx bit
  • Socket wrench 
  • Engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Tub
  • Funnel 


tools for oil change

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Step #1

car engine

First, Park your car on the horizontal ground. Then open the bonnet and just oversee all the things. Also, identify the engine. On the side of the engine, you will find an oil filler and oil dipstick. An oil filler is usually packed by a nut cap.

oil filler

And oil dipstick is usually located on the left side. You can identify it easily. Because mostly it has an orange or yellow circular handle.

oil dipstick

(If you pull the oil dipstick, there is a metal rod that will slide out with it. You can use the dipstick to understand the amount and quality of oil in the engine.)

Step #2

Remove the oil filler cap by using the socket wrench. You will see the oil filter in it. Remove the oil filter. Also, change this filter every time you change the oil.

oil filter

Step #3

Now its time to identify the oil drain plug. It is a screw that is placed exactly below the side of the oil tank. Use a car jack to uplift the car(if needed) and locate that star/torx screw.

drain plug

Place a tub below the sump for the used oil. Then unscrew the drain plug slowly. You will see that the oil started draining slowly. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. After the oil drains completely, clean the hole and re-screw the drain plug.


Step #4

Clean the oil filter housing and rub a coating of oil over the seal. It assists to assure a good seal. After that place a new oil filter in it. Now refill the new engine oil into the oil sump by using the funnel. You can first ensure that what is the capacity of your engine. Also, you can check the amount by the oil dipstick. The oil dipstick helps you to not overfill the engine.

oil change


Step #5

Now tighten the oil filter cap.

(Please don’t forget to replace the oil filter cap or dipstick.)

Your car is super ready for a long ride.

But here we want to let you learn some important things before doing this oil change.

Warnings/Important things to know before DIY oil change

  1. Wear latex gloves to ignore some kind of reaction or itching in your hand.
  2. If you came from a drive then don’t do this immediately. Because the oil is very hot at that time. Wait for at least 2 hours so that the oil cools down.
  3. If the car has been off for a long time then start your car and left it on for 10 minutes. It will lower the viscosity of the oil so that the oil becomes thinner and this will ensure fast and proper draining.
  4. Don’t forget to check your car capacity so that you can order the correct amount of oil for your car.
  5. Keep in mind that nothing goes inside the engine from the oil filler hole by mistake.
  6. Use the car jack carefully because it might be a big risk.
  7. Used oil is not good for the environment. It can contaminate a million gallons of freshwater. Also, it is a risk for wildlife. So put it in the container and try to recycle it (How to recycle used engine oil).
  8. Use good quality tools.
  9. Use a clean cotton cloth to clean the oil filter housing and drain plug because even a particle of dust can make big problem.
  10. Don’t forget to replace the screws, filter and drain plug.


So it is all about the oil change of the car. Believe me, it is simpler than it looks above. In some emergency, we have to do these things on our own. So just go and do it yourself. Share this with your friends and family. In the next article, we will discuss some car repair jobs which we can do ourselves.

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