Subordinate Courts of India

Subordinate Courts of India: Structure and Constitutional Provisions

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India, being the world’s biggest democracy requires a resilient judiciary for its proper functioning. And judiciary in India is indeed resilient (some may have a different perspective of the Indian judiciary, given the huge logjam of pending cases). The Indian judiciary has a systematic hierarchy of courts at the state level, which is extremely important […]

Changes in Cropping Patterns

Changes in Cropping Patterns: Different patterns in India

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Changes in Cropping Patterns What is a cropping pattern? The cropping pattern refers to the set and combination of crops that farmers opt for in a particular region, in their farm practices. The cropping pattern in India depends on certain factors such as- Geographical factors: Soil, landforms, precipitation, moisture, altitude, etc. Infrastructure factors: Irrigation, storage, […]

Structure of the Indian capital market

Structure of the Indian Capital Market

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After discussing the Important Terms in the Stock Market, we’d now be discussing the structure of the Indian Capital Market, the significance of the Indian Capital Market, and the different methods of financing. Structure of the Indian Capital Market What is Capital Market? Going by the definition, a long-term financial market of an economy where […]

Important Terms in Stock Market

Important Terms in Stock Market: Terms to know before investing

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Seeing the current economic conditions, where inflation is skyrocketing, your so-called safe-haven debt investments or fixed deposits aren’t providing sufficient returns, and sometimes the returns are even lower than the prevailing rate of inflation, what should one do? Well, I am no financial expert, but I can tell you one thing, there’s a general perception […]

Swaran Singh Committee

Swaran Singh Committee: Fundamental Duties

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The Indian Constitution, undoubtedly, provides a vast list of Fundamental Rights which is indeed the bedrock of its democracy. However the Indian Constitution, initially, did not mention any fundamental duties. Maybe because the framers of our constitution did not feel the necessity to incorporate the fundamental duties. But enlisting the fundamental duties is indeed necessary, […]