Top 12 features of car that are no longer exist

Top 12 features of car that are no longer exist

Today we will discuss the features of the car that are either not exist or will vanish very soon. Well, these features are revolutionary for the time they introduced. But once Albert Einstein said that The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. So these features are now not worth their presence. Some are still available in cars but sooner or later they will have vanished.
So without any further delay let’s start.


Traditional Ignition

Top 12 features of car that are no longer exist
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Traditional ignition is available in our cars from the very starting. We just put the keys in it and it starts with a rotation. These were actually one of the coolest things for a car. Because the oldest cars were started by pushing it and even they are uncontrollable sometimes. Thanks to the engineers who solved the problems and introduce the traditional ignition system.

Top 12 features of car that are no longer exist
Image by- CarBikeTech

But now the time has changed. We have a modern ignition system. Which is just a push-button. Push to start and push to stop. So simple. Also the chances of ignition malfunction lower because of this modern system.


Physical Keys

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The traditional ignition system requires a physical key to start the car. The key to starting and open the car was the same. These features of the car create problems sometimes. If the key got damaged or lost in an emergency scenario, you can of course open the door. But you can’t start it without the key.

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So now we have many alternatives for these physical keys. A card like a key, digital car key etc. Even some tech car companies like Tesla are trying to invent the car with a biometric lock system.


Manual Transmission

Top 12 features of car that are no longer exist
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Manual transmission is still in the market. But slowly automatic transmission occupies the place of a manual transmission. The best thing about automatic transmission is it provide much power and ease of driving with a better fuel economy. So we can happily say goodbye to the manual transmission.


Car Radio

Image by- Popular Mechanics

In the era of vintage cars, the radio is the coolest thing available in the cabin. People are fond of listening to music while driving. Just fix the frequency of your favourite radio channel and enjoy the ride. But time has changed. This is the era where we have a complete digital library of music, online radios worldwide. These features are available as a compact device. And Also it is the most common thing for modern cars. Even sometimes we don’t even care about this device. Because we have our own smartphone to play anything on the go.


Aux Port

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The car music system has aux ports to connect the audio devices to the car speakers. But the era has changed and now even aux ports are disappearing from our smartphones too. And as I said above, we choose our smartphones over car audio devices for listening to music. And these features are now wireless. We connect our smartphone devices to the car speaker with Bluetooth and tune in to our favourite songs.



Top 12 features of car that are no longer exist
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I was so fascinated by car antenna from my childhood. Even when I don’t know about the use of an antenna in the car. I thought that it is some kind of communication device. Well, it is now going to vanish completely. The reason I have discussed above. If we do not need a radio system then what is the need for this antenna. So it is one of the useless features of the car now. Simple.


Physical Buttons

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Like our smartphone, now the era of physical buttons is also disappearing from the car infotainment system. This is because we will face some issues with the working of these buttons or some other kind of malfunction. In upcoming cars, we will see a big touchscreen by which we can toggle any kind of switch in the car. And I also feel that these types of features of the car have to be replaced with modern technologies to avoid the issues.


Audible Turn Indicator Signal

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This was one of the features of the car from those days when there was no more noise pollution at all. And at that time cars had no powerful lights for launching signals. When we toggle the indicator it sounds like a creepy sound that alerts other drivers on the road. Nowadays we have a good quality of the light system to indicate when we take any turn. So that creepy signal is now retired.


Mechanical Window Opener

Top 12 features of car that are no longer exist
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In the era of completely closed cabin cars, transparent glasses in the doors were again one of the coolest features of the car. It is common now. But one thing that creates so many problems with these windows was the mechanical window opener. That opener gives a feel like opening a nig shutter of any showroom. Round Round Round.

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Well thanks to technology, now we have an automatic opening button which solved this problem easily.


 Central Rear View Windows

Top 12 features of car that are no longer exist
Image by- Wikipedia

 The central rearview mirror is replaced by a back camera and infotainment screen. Although, rearview mirrors are so important and still available in many cars. But they are not accurate in our vision when reversing the car. And the cameras can see from the car boot level so we can see even the small animals or things too.


Rear Hinged Doors

Image by- Wikipedia

One of the features of Rolls Royce cars is the rear-hinged doors. That is so impressive thing in the car. Well, these rear-hinged doors were common in cars. And it impressed so many people.

But the problem with this door is so big and dangerous too. When accidentally this door will open then there is a big chance that the occupant will fall out. So these are named Suicide Doors. Well, these are gone for the sake of life. While Rolls Royce managed to have this with a confirmation of zero accidental openings of doors.


Analogue Tachometer

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Due to a lack of accuracy and mechanical errors, a digital tachometer came into the market. And this is now unreplaceable due to accurate reading and not variable with the atmosphere.


Well, this is it for the day. If I forgot any other features of the car then let me inform and comment below.


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