Top electric car companies in the world other than tesla

Hello readers! Previously we discussed upcoming electric cars in India. Today we will let you know about the world’s top electric car manufacturers. Top electric car companies in the world! Whenever we thought about this line, suddenly a name pops up in our minds, and that’s Tesla! Of course, it is the name that makes its own space in our minds. Although it is the biggest company. But here we will discuss top electric car companies in the world other than Tesla.



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Here we will talk about some of the great car companies which are based on renewable energy. And committed to making electric vehicles. Although, they are not that famous. But maybe together they can make our planet pollution-free.

So let start the List of top electric car companies in the world other than tesla.




top electric car companies

“Adventure is life” is the main motive of Robert Scaringe, CEO of Rivian. Robert is a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The company was founded in 2009. Of course, this company has the potential to compete with Tesla. Because they are working on autonomous electric vehicles. Also, they are concentrating on fully renewable battery technology. And now Ford is going to invest in the company.


rivian a1t

The company came into the limelight when they launched their electric truck A1T. It can sprint from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds. And surprisingly the company claimed that it can climb on a 45-degree slope and run on approx 3.6 feet of water. These features are amazing for electric vehicles. An Indian-American Jiten Behl is the Chief Growth Officer of this company.


Xiaopeng (or XPeng)

xpeng g3

In Beijing auto expo 2020, Company launched its first-ever flying car. After that everyone started googling this company. Alibaba CEO Jack Ma invested in this company and is also working on its advanced technologies. XPeng G3 SUV and XPeng P7 (B-segment car) are some of the famous cars of this company. Sometimes controversies make the business famous. Tesla and Apple accused some of the XPeng employees of stealing some important data of the company when they were working for them.


xpeng p7

NIO Motors


nio es8

Nio motors is a China-based automobile manufacturer company. The company launched its ES8. This is an SUV with all amazing features like traffic jam pilot, lane keeping, lane change warning, auto lane change, automatic emergency braking etc. Also, it consists of a driver monitor camera, front trifocal camera, 12 various ultrasonic sensors. This company tightens its seatbelt for a long business flight.


Nikola Motors


nikola badger

The company is inspired by the famous scientist Nikola Tesla. Although, there is another company also which is inspired by the scientist. Well, from the starting Nikola motors presented its astonishing Zero Emission Vehicle concept. The company made some hydrogen-based vehicles(Nikola One) too. Whereas, Nikola Badger and Nikola Tre are some of the famous electric vehicles by the company.


Faraday Future

ff 91

Faraday Future is an American-based electric car manufacturing company. After facing many economical downfalls, the company came up with more confidence. Faraday Future FF91 is a smart vehicle launched by the company.


In search of the top electric car companies, we found that these companies are in their starting phase. Although, Rivian is doing good. Also, this company is believed to become a future Tesla challenger. Nio Motors makes some of the great feature-rich vehicles. So in the future, we will see tough competition between them and also with Tesla.


top electric car companies

But as we always believe that the competition between manufacturer is good for consumers. Because the competition would ultimately make the product better.


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