Upcoming electric cars in India: Luxury Cars

upcoming electric cars in india

With the entry of Tesla, everyone is getting curious about upcoming electric cars in India. India is a big market for the automobile industry. And all other companies want a good start for their EV models. So India will be their goldmine in terms of sale. Also, India is one of the biggest countries whose emission rate is very high. So to decrease the emission rate we have to move to the electric car world. In this article, we will discuss some of the upcoming electric cars in India.


upcoming electric cars in india

The automobile industry is changing rapidly in the past decade. This is because of innovation and environmental demand. And we need to reduce the emission from vehicles. So, Electric cars are becoming a better option over a petroleum car.

So here are some of the upcoming electric cars in India. We will discuss only imported cars that are planning to launch their EV models in India.


Porsche Taycan

Porsche is one of the best luxury car manufacturers all over the world. They do not only focus on luxury but also work on some advanced features. In the Beijing Car Auto Expo 2020, they showed their hand on a technicality by launching the virtual world of cars.

porsche taycan electric car

Taycan is Porsche’s first all-electric series production car so far. They launched the concept of Taycan in 2015. The range of the car is approx. 450km. Which is good for Indian roads. It picks the speed of 0-100 kph within 3-5 seconds(depends on the model of the car).

Expected launch: April 2021

Expected price: 2-2.5 Crores


Jaguar I-Pace

When we talk about the imported global car company, we can’t forget Jaguar. Because it is a British automaker company but is owned by an Indian. The car is well designed and powerful-looking.

Jaguar’s first electric car I-Pace won the World Car of the year award in 2019. This car won 62 different awards in different categories from its launch.

jaguar i-pace electric car

I-Pace is a 5-door electric SUV that can run approx. 500 km on a single charge. The car can sprint from 0-100 kph within 4.8 seconds. The company claimed that it can charge from 0 to 80% in 80 minutes. Which is quite amazing.

The other things that make it unique are that the car comes with a smartphone app that can locate the car, report on its locking, shows charging status, and starts cabin heating/cooling.

Expected launch: last week of March 2021

Expected price: 1-1.20 Crores


Volvo XC40 Recharge

This Swedish car company is already astonishing us with their advanced features and amazing designed cars. Also, the prices of cars of this company are lower as compared to other luxury cars.

volvo xc40 recharge upcoming electric cars in india

Volvo ZC40 Recharge is an electric SUV with a very good aerodynamic design. The car comes with a built-in google assistant. The company claimed that the car can sprint from 0-100 kph within 4.9 secs. Also, it charges 0 to 80% within 40 minutes only, which is exceptional in the segment. It has a hybrid version also but the all-electric version will be launched in India.

Expected launch: October 2021

Expected price: 50-60 Lakhs


Audi e-Tron

Audi unveiled its first all-electric car at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015. It is an amazingly designed subcompact SUV. You can take all control of the car with the My Audi app. The app can be used for ore-heating and pre-cooling of the car cabin.

audi e tron

The top speed of the car is 210 kph. While it can sprint 0-100 kph in 4.5 secs. An interesting fact about this car is that the New Zealand government decided to purchase them as official government cars. E-Tron achieved a top range of 330 km in a single run.

Expected launch: June 2021

Expected price: 1-1.50 Crores


Mercedes Benz EQC

The first carmaker company Mercedes Benz never gets late in such things. If the world needs an electric car then this is the company who already started working on it.

mercedes benz eqc

On the list of upcoming electric cars in India, it is the only car which is already launched in India. The company decided to give 8 years or 160000 km (whatever comes first) of battery warranty for the first 50 buyers. And also 5 years of on-road assistance. This car can go up to 450 km in one run. Also, it can achieve 0-100 km in 5.1 secs.

Expected launch: Already launched (booking link)

Expected price: 1.04 Crore


BMW i3

One of the oldest company BMW is really moving in another dimension. When everyone is focused on SUVs, the company launched its B-segment car i3.

bmw i3

BMW i3 is a hatchback and will be a great choice for the Indian rushy roads. It can run 0-100 km in 6.9 secs with a healthy range of 280 km.

Expected launch: June 2021

Expected price: 1-1.20 Crores


The list is ended but not the discussion. As we saw that every company has their unique features and unique identity. But still, if anyone in wants to buy a luxury car, he/she will choose the company, not the features. Because the logo is important. Still, we give you a quick comparison of these cars. So that we can think more intelligently than others.

comparision of upcoming electric cars in India

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